Dutch MPs Irritate Turkish Minister

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Dutch MPs have, during a visit to Turkey, asked the Turkish government to do an independent investigation, if violence was used by the Turkish police against protesters.

This week a group of MPs visited Turkey to see about the progress of the country with the preparations of becoming a member of the EU.

During a meeting with the Turkish minister of European Affairs, the MPs asked for an independent investigation on possible violence which was used by the police during an uproar. The MPs pointed out that this is a common way of doing things in the European Community. As examples they described the independent investigations on cases like the Facebook uproar in Haren.

The Turkish minister Egemen Bagis was clearly irritated by the Dutch suggestion. He pointed out that many investigations are going on and that certain policemen are especially investigated on the use of extreme violence.

However, Amnesty International recently reported that the Turkish authorities have violated the human rights on large scale during the process of ending the demonstrations. Amnesty International expects not much from the Turkish investigations.