Case Badr Hari continues in January

Badr Hari
Badr Hari before a fight with Zabit Samedov. May 30, 2013legendashowFlickrCC-BY-NC

The lawsuit against Badr Hari will likely be resumed on January 22nd and 23rd . A spokesman for the prosecution announced Wednesday the prosecution is counting on the examination of the national investigation department to be ready by then.The Prosecution has already reserved the dates at the court in Amsterdam to continue the trial after a delay of 3 months.

A few weeks ago the KRO program Brandpunt Reporter dedicated a broadcast to the trial around Hari,  from which became obvious the TV makers had the complete file in their possession.

kick boxer badr hari

Shortly afterwards Panorama also quoted from the criminal file. The Public Prosecutor (OM) commissioned the national investigation department to investigate whether the documents were leaked by police or Prosecution.

The kick boxer is on trial for a series of violent incidents, including a battering during dance festival Sensation in the Amsterdam ArenA.