D66 Wins In Poll

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According to the weekly poll of Maurice de Hond, D66 would have 21 virtual seats. That are 9 seats more than D66 now occupies in the House.

D66 was one of the three constructive opposition parties, who helped the government to a solution for the budget of 2014.

While D66 won in this poll, the largest party in the House, VVD, lost again one seat opposite the poll of last week. The liberals would now occupy only 19 seats while they occupy in real 41 seats in the House.

Coalition partner PvdA wins one seat opposite last weeks’ poll and occupies 13 virtual seats (opposite 38 seats now in the House).

If elections would be held this week and the voters would vote like the people who were interviewed for this poll then the winner would be PVV (33 seats), runner-up would be SP (24 seats) and second runner-up would be D66 with 21 seats.