Commotion over beheading on Facebook

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A video of a beheading, posted on Facebook, is causing commotion. The video shows in close up how a man's throat is cut, while his hands are tied on his back. He then falls into a pit, head first, and profusely bleeding. A Facebook spokesperson in The Netherlands could not comment on this specific post.The footage was posted on Facebook Tuesday by a woman who expresses her disgust in Kurdish. She commented there is no law in heaven or on earth that allows this.

There are indications the film was made ​​in Syria. In the video Arabic is spoken with a Syrian accent. It sounds like the words "Palestinian" and "Golan" are mentioned.

Spencer E Holtaway

The film has already received hundreds of likes and was shared a few hundred times. Many people expressed their disgust over it. There are more than 1,100 responses to the film, notably many from Dutch. Some people have reported the video to Facebook, but were told the film is not in violation of their community guidelines for violent images. The video will not be removed, according to Facebook.

Earlier this year, there was already a fuss about beheading videos on Facebook. In May it was announced that such movies would be removed from the site. Why that promise is not kept in this case, is not clear.

Facebook is known to actively act against images containing nudity. Earlier this year, the account of NOS 3 was suspended for 24 hours for sharing an article about porn. Weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer had to remove a cover photo off Facebook last year because there was a naked woman in it, and an Australian woman was ordered to remove a picture of a naked porcelain doll from her page in 2010.