Dutch diplomat abused

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A Dutch diplomat was assaulted Tuesday night in his home in Moscow. Two people invaded his home, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The victim is reportedly the second man from the embassy, Onno Elderenbosch.

The diplomat was slightly wounded. He called the police himself. The men drew a lipstick heart on a mirror with the letters LGTB, a designation for gay and transgender, according to Russian media.

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Frans Timmermans, Minister of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador. He also called the diplomat and reports the man is fine, given the circumstances.

The two perpetrators pretended to be electricians, according to some Russian media.

D66 immediately requested a parliamentary debate on the issue.

The abuse of the Dutch diplomat in Moscow is yet another incident between Russia and the Netherlands during the 'year of friendship' between the two countries.

The incident with the Russian diplomat Borodin, who was arrested because he reportedly abused his children is still fresh on people's minds. The Russians were furious and protested at the Dutch embassy in Moscow.

Greenpeace' Arctic Sunrise and Russia's gay legislation cause commotion, both in Russia and in The Netherlands. During the World Port Days there was a minor incident, when the Russian navy canceled at the last minute without notice, thus causing the event to lose a major attraction.

On November 9th King Willem-Alexander planned a state visit to Russia, to end the year of friendship . It is unknown whether this incident will impact those plans.