Schippers Most Powerful Woman

Monthly magazine Opzij has chosen Edith Schippers, Minister of Health, Well-being and Sports, as the most powerful woman of the Netherlands of this moment.

Schippers (49) was chosen by the jury, from a list of 100 women, “because, although she has to carry a heavy burden, now and in the coming period, she knows how to deal with it”.

The presentation of the Opzij Top-100 took place on Monday evening in the City Theater of Amsterdam. “Health care is at this moment a hot topic and in the same time the biggest expenses item of the government. Edith Schippers is the first in many years who has been able to spend less than budgeted,” said jury chairman Margriet van der Linden.

For the decision who is the most powerful woman, ten categories are judged, like sports, business and politics. Last year the most powerful woman was Renée Jones-Bos, secretary general of the Foreign Affairs department.

Competitors this year were chairman of the board of PGGM Else Bos, member of the board of the public broadcasters Shula Rijxman en top tennis player Esther Vergeer.