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Mayor Bolsius of Amersfoort called missing Labour councilor Ramon Smits Alvarez to turn himself in.He urges the councilor on RTV Utrecht to end the excitement. His wife and kids miss him, the party misses him, states the mayor.

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Smits Alvarez is missing since Thursday afternoon. He took his passport, but left his phone behind at home. He had a debit card of the local PvdA, which was used to withdraw 4000 euros from the account. It is not clear whether Smits Alvarez was responsible for this.

Bolsius did not want to discuss the possible backgrounds of the disappearance of the councilor. Smits Alvarez seems to have led a double life. He reportedly told friends he worked at an insurance company, but he left the company three years earlier, according to RTV Utrecht. The single most important thing now is for Smits Alvarez to return, states the mayor. The police are using all their resources to find him.