Labour councilor Amersfoort missing

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The Amersfoort Labour councilor Ramon Smits Alvarez (34) has been missing since Thursday afternoon. He left home with an unknown destination, according to the police.Smits Alvarez had a debit card of the  local PvdA account. Four thousand euros were withdrawn from the account. It's not clear whether the councilor or someone else is responsible.

Amersfoort PvdA chairman Edwin Hinloopen is very worried. He has no idea of the whereabouts of Smits Alvarez.

Partij van de Arbeid
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Hinloopen would not say whether his colleague had personal problems, which may have caused his disappearance. The police have put out an APB.

The missing Labour councilor became discredited in 2006 when he publicly accused fellow councilor Van wegen of the local Burger Partij Amersfoort of being a pedophile.

Smits Alvarez was sentenced to a conditional fine of two thousand euros, for insult. He quit, but returned a year and a half later to local politics.

The councilor wants to be party leader in the upcoming municipal elections. The new party leader would be announced Wednesday. That has been postponed due to the disappearance.

In 2012 Smits Alvarez participated in the parliamentary elections for the Socialist Party in the Spanish region of Galicia. That was possible because he has two nationalities. He ranked on an ineligible place.

Whoever becomes the Labour party leader of the PvdA Amersfoort will have my unconditional support, wherever I am. Adeus, twittered Smits Alvarez on the day of his disappearance.