Lawsuit against Badr Hari started

Badr Hari
Badr Hari before a fight with Zabit Samedov. May 30, 2013legendashowFlickrCC-BY-NC

The lawsuit against Badr Hari started Thursday. The kickboxer is on trial for eight violent crimes and a traffic offense.The most serious charge against Hari is attempted manslaughter, for the mistreatment of businessman Koen Everink during the dance party Sensation White last year.

Everink was severely beaten in a VIP box at the Amsterdam Arena, where the party was held, and sustained a complicated leg fracture.

kick boxer badr hari

Hari has admitted he was involved in the incident, but stated he only hit the businessman once. During a pro forma session Hari's lawyer, Benedicte Ficq, called it 'a slap on the wrist'.

The reason for the brawl was, Everink had offended Hari's girlfriend, Estelle Cruijff . According to Everink's lawyer, the businessman only said: "Hallo, ik ben Koen" (Hi, I'm Koen). Everink then went to the restroom and was beaten by several men when he returned. According to the Prosecution Hari was one of them.

Everink is absent during the trial. He claims to be unable to testify in court, due to his failing health. This prevents judges and Hari's lawyer from interrogating him. He did, however, make statements to the police.

The kick boxer is also suspected of other ill-treatment in the Amsterdam nightlife. He reportedly  dealt someone a head butt and / or a so-called flying kick in the Jimmy Woo. In Club Air, he beat a man's teeth out of his mouth.

It doesn't end there. Badr Hari is furthermore accused of beating up an ex-girlfriend and is suspected of causing a deliberate crash in Amsterdam Albert Cuypstraat.

Badr is on trial along with co-defendant Ferhat Y. The court scheduled four days for the case. The Public Prosecutor will present their sentence for Hari on Monday.