Large scale US espionage Netherlands

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Soon it will become clear how the Americans spied on the Dutch, states the American journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is in possession of the stolen documents of whistleblower Edward Snowden.In an interview with the Volkskrant Greenwald states the Dutch have no idea of the extent of American espionage in The Netherlands, but revelations will soon follow.

glenn greenwald
Gage Skidmore

The 46-year-old Greenwald has revealed the confidential material he received from Snowden since June . It concerns tens of thousands of documents of the American security agency, NSA. Greenwald lives in Rio de Janeiro, and works together with the American filmmaker Laura Poitras, who lives in Germany, in publishing the documents.

What we do is tell innocent people that they too are being watched. We publish things everyone should know, according to Greenwald in the Volkskrant.