Brussels: nothing beats Groningen

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The Groningen residents have known it for years, but now it's confirmed by the European Commission that nothing beats the city in North Netherlands.In a large satisfaction survey on wellbeing in European cities, Groningen ends at the top in three categories. Nowhere else is the population so content with health care (95 percent), public space (94 percent), and education (89 percent).

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In the total score Groningen ends at position 3 of 79. Aalborg in Denmark and Hamburg are at the top of the list. Copenhagen, Oslo, and Zürich follow after Groningen. Amsterdam follows at position 7, with is 96 percent of the population content.

Athens ranks at the bottom of the list, with only 52 percent satisfied residents. Naples (65 percent) and Palermo (71 percent) rank a little better.

The satisfaction survey questioned 41,000 residents about facilities in their city, public transport, safety and employment. Cities in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Turkey also participated.

In addition to Groningen EU researchers also looked to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In the field of education all those cities caught up since the previous survey in 2006 . Satisfaction with schools and colleges increased by as much as 23 percent.