Russia Protests On Treatment Diplomat

The Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday, that it strongly protests against the treatment of a Russian diplomat by the Dutch police.

According to Russian media the diplomat, Dmitri Borodin, says that he was attacked, on Sunday, in his house by people with police uniforms. His behavior towards his kids should have been the reason that neighbors alarmed the police.

The policemen forced Borodin to the ground and hit him on his head with a baton after which he was taken to the police bureau, handcuffed. Borodin says that he mentioned his political immunity and he also tried to stop the police entering his house. According to Borodin the policemen didn’t identify themselves with proper documents.

Borodin was picked up from the police bureau by a Russian colleague. He didn’t receive any apology from the Netherlands. A spokesman of the Russian foreign ministry says that this is a serious matter since Borodin has political immunity and that also involves his house.

On Monday neither the police or the ministry of Foreign Affairs could say anything about the story in the Russian media.

This incident comes at a moment that Russia and the Netherlands are quarreling about several things. So is the Netherlands taking action against the arrest of Greenpeace activists and are several Dutch people, among which is Eberhard van der Laan, involved in negative publicity  about the anti-gay law in Russia.