Priest fired after forgotten prayer

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Cardinal Eijk fired a priest from Maarssen, who skipped several important parts during a mass in April.On Holy Thursday, Father Harry Huisintveld led the mass in Abcoude, but according to the  Archdiocese he skipped several parts of the Eucharist. Not only were the Kyrie, the Gloria, and three Scripture readings missing, he also forgot the Eucharistic prayer.

According to the Archdiocese of Utrecht that is serious, because the omission prevented the change of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ.  Therefore the mass was invalid.

Lothar Wolleh
Wikimedia commons

Cardinal Eijk only heard about the incident months later, and decided to not only fire the priest, but also impose the sanction for him not to publicely celebrate the eucharist in the St. Jan de Doper parish.

The board of the parish of St. Jan de Doper in Stichtse Vecht and De Ronde Venen, where Huisintveld works, thinks the penalty is too heavy.

The board writes in a letter it was never the priest's intention to violate the code.