Samsom Responds On Tweet Wilders

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PvdA leader Diederik Samsom was quick with a response on a tweet of PVV leader Wilders. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Wilders tweeted: ‘I will never get used to it. A Moroccan (Arib), this afternoon as House chairman with in front of her the Koran in the Dutch House.”

Samsom immediately responded: ‘Arib as chairman proves that the hatred of PVV will never overcome the power of this beautiful country, in which origin is irrelevant.’

Wilders was complaining about Khadija Arib. She is a PvdA politician who already is part of the PvdA group since 1998. Lately she became the vice chairman of the House. So if van Miltenburg, the chairman, is absent she will automatically fill in.

A spokesman of van Miltenburg let know that the House chairman never responds on tweets.

PVV protest on Koran

In June the PVV asked the chairman to remove the Koran from her table. Next to the bible, there are a book about humanism, dictionaries, the koran and the rules of the House. It was clear that van Miltenburg was thinking to move all the books to her office instead of the rules of the House. After protests from other MPs, she decided to let all the books on her table.

Arib was also in the race for chairman of the House last year. The PVV was against her as chairman since she was a Moroccan and not loyal to the Netherlands. She was voted for vice chairman.