Wim Helsen wins cabaret performer prize

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Comedian Wim Helsen won the Poelifinario 2013. The Fleming gets the prize for his program 'Spijtig, spijtig, spijtig'. The jury called the show a nice philosophical argument with insane examples and trips, and that he does not disappoint, reports NOS Nieuws.Helsen received the prize in the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam. It is the first time a comedian wins the  Poelifinario for the second time. In 2009, the cabaret prize also went to Helsen.

Pepijn De Paepe
Wikimedia commons

The Poelifinario is the prize for the most impressive program of the year and is awarded by the Association of Theatre and Concert (VSCD).

The incentive Neerlands Hoop goes to comedian Louise Korthals. Helsen won that prize in 2004.