Community service for brothers who put an end to bullying

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The Groningen court has sentenced two 20-year-old brothers from Buitenpost to 180 hours of community service because they threatened a group of teenagers in North Horn. In addition, the got a suspended prison sentence of four months.In March 2012 the twin brothers went to the hertenkamp in Noordhorn. The teenagers who had their regular hangout there, reportedly bullied the twin's 13-year-old sister. Talks at school did not stop the bullying. Two weeks ago the brothers told the judges they just wanted to talk.

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When the group laughed at them - the teenagers were not impressed - one of the brothers suddenly drew a gas alarm pistol and he shot towards the ground twice .

The court speaks of a serious offense. The bullying may be an explanation; it is not justified, according to the judges. To a girl to whom they showed the gun, they must jointly pay 500 euros in damages. In determining the final sentence, the court also took into account the weapon and the fact the brothers were in possession of illegal fireworks, which was found when they were apprehended at home. After the shooting incident the bullying did come to an end.


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