TUE Is Best Dutch University

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Weekly magazine Elsevier has announced on Wednesday that the result from their poll, among students and professors, is that the Technical University of Eindhoven is the winner.

Every year the magazine publishes the rankings of universities and other schools. They base there results on a poll which questions 230,000 students and 2000 professors.

The students say that the TU/e has the most satisfied students and 40% of the professors say that the TU/e has the best educational programs.

The students further are quite satisfied with the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the University of Leiden.Second and third among the professors are the University of Utrecht and Tilburg University.

Rector magnificus Hans van Duijn of the TU/e is very happy with the results of the poll. Especially since the TU/e has gone through some big changes in the last year. He says that the changes have been rewarded.