Half of baby girls will turn one hundred

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Half of the newborn baby girls are expected to turn one hundred or older. This is evident from calculations of the Dutch Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute NIDI. Of the newborn boys one out of three may turn one hundred.The institute says that the life expectancy of newborns is really 13 years higher than life expectancy at the moment. According to this forecast women average on 96 and men on 92 years.

The data of NIDI are very different from the calculations of the Central Bureau of Statistics. Those showed an average of 82 years for newborn women and 79 for men.

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The NIDI explains the difference by the different models the agencies used. The CBS projections go up to 2060, while NIDI looked further. According to a spokesperson it's the first time NIDI made such a long-term projection.

The NIDI also assumes people will have better chances of survival in the future, even at a higher age. The institute refers in particular to obesity. Despite a large increase in the number of overweight people, the average life expectancy for Dutch always increased.