There they are again: the hats!

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An important tradition on Prinsjesdag are the hats. And they were, true to tradition, abundantly present.Queen Máxima wore a gold-colored hat, that perfectly matched her gold-colored dress. Princess Laurentien chose a dark blue dress and hat.

Many female politicians wear a headdress on Budget Day, but also partners of male politicians and even kids wear hats. The daughter of Labour MP Lea Bouwmeester wore a cap with the same pattern as her mother's hat.

Like previous years, Marianne Thieme, leader of the Party for the Animals, wore conspicuous clothing. She wore a hunters' suit. On her jacket, she pinned broken little guns, the symbol of pacifists.

MP Ton Elias' partner adjusted her hat to the black suit Ton wore. Jet Bussemaker, Minister of Education, Culture and Science chose a hat consisting of different shades of blue.


Geert Wilders' wife chose the same colors as Jet Bussemaker. Wilders wore a tie in the same color. PVV MP Fleur Agema wore a purple hat, showing a large dark red flower.

Remarkably, President of the Second Chamber, Van Miltenburg, chose not to wear a headdress. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Minister of Defense also chose to attend without a hat.