Stabbing death victim filed report earlier

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The 19-year-old Swedish woman who was stabbed to death Tuesday in Den Bosch, filed a report of threats by her ex-boyfriend in August.This became evident from the police report on Thursday. The 22-year-old ex-boyfriend from Utrecht was taken into custody on Tuesday for possible involvement in the stabbing. Police did not disclose when exactly the victim had filed the report.

The young woman was stabbed Tuesday morning in the fire escape behind her residence in the Leonardus van Veghel Street. Local residents say someone had been waiting for her and she was attacked.

The victim first filed a report of the threat and a few days later the police took her statement. She received advice from the police and arrangements were put into place.

CID Command Public Affairs
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The report has to be further processed, according to the police. The 22-year-old suspect will appear before the examining judge on Friday, who will decide whether the Public Prosecutor (OM) can detain him longer.

The victim was a student at the Willem I College in Den Bosch since last year. Director Gregor Somers said on Wednesday that in the first conversation in the new school year, on Monday, she told her mentor she was threatened by her ex-boyfriend with death. The relationship had ended about three months earlier. She had filed a complaint with the police and had direct contact with them.