Dutchman not afraid, but angry

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The Dutch voter is not very afraid of things like the crisis, unemployment and climate change, but is angry with politics, according to research from Kieskompas of the Free University in Amsterdam, commissioned by Trouw newspaper.With Budget Day in mind, VU researcher André Krouwel asked people about their feelings on various subjects in order to make an "emotional budget".

Older people get angrier thinking about politicians than younger people. Where political parties are concerned, there is a clear peak at SP, PVV and 50PLUS. D66 produces the least angry voters.

Young men and college graduates have the most confidence in the economy growing stronger in the future, shows the research. Over 60 percent of those with higher education has confidence in a strong economy.

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Elderly, and older women in particular, see the future gloomier. Highly educated generally seem less anxious in life than less educated and women are clearly more afraid than men.

Higher educated are however more concerned about global warming. Noticeably, more than 30 percent of the SGP voters do not believe in global warming.

The majority of Dutch want a strong leader to accelerate decision-making. This is especially true for the supporters of the VVD, PVV, CDA and SP and less educated.

Only GroenLinks voters lean more toward the 'polder' model and do not prefer a strong leader.

More outcomes on the research are available on Trouw.nl.