No license dirty car Amsterdam

Amsterdam takes extra measures to comply with the European standard for nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in 2015. For example, the municipality will no longer issue parking permits for the most polluting vehicles.The measures are necessary because the air quality improvement is slower than previously thought. Due to the crisis people buy less new and cleaner cars, reports alderman Wiebes.

Diesels from before January 1st 2005 and gas cars from before July 1st 1992 will no longer get a permit. Existing parking permits remain valid. People who sell their vehicle receive 500 Euros.

Ruben de Rijcke
Wikimedia commons

The alderman also discusses with the transport company GVB to make buses cleaner. As an example he cites the busy Prins Hendrikkade, where 4,000 buses pass daily. These emissions should be less.  He negotiates with the government to reduce  the speed limit on the A10 West to 80 kilometers per hour.

The municipality of Amsterdam waives plans to introduce an environment friendly zone from which the most polluting cars from the city would be banned. Such a zone would cause a lot of trouble for entrepreneurs in the city. The  town was afraid for claims totaling 30 million euros. Because there is relatively little benefit to the environment the plan was abandoned.