Family Drama Schoonloo

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A 47-year-old father and his three sons were found dead on Monday morning, in a bungalow park in the village of Schoonloo in Drenthe. This was reported by the police. The dead kids were two 10-year-old boys  and a 2-year-old boy.

The father had children from two different relationships. The two boys of 10 years old are twins. One of the twins lived with his father in the bungalow park in Schoonloo and the other with his mother in Groningen. The 2-year-old boy lived, formally, with his mother in Groningen, but it is not exactly clear where he actually lived. All people involved have been informed and get support.

The police can not confirm that the father took the life of his sons. The bodies were found after a report was received that a suicide would be committed or had been committed.

The father wrote a suicide note, which is in the possession of the police but is also circulating on the Internet. In that letter he says, among other things, that a protracted divorce is the reason for the family murder.

The forensic research is going on and the police has closed the area around the park which is situated at the Warmenbossenweg.

The father and three sons were not known to the Youth Care Agency Groningen.