Health care deductibles not based on income

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Health care deductibles will not be based on income after all. The plan, which would take effect in 2015, would not be possible.Sources confirm this to, after reports from NOS. Instead of an income based deductible, taxes will increase for higher incomes, according to a report from NOS.

The higher incomes will no longer qualify for a general tax rebate. Lower incomes will receive compensation by a care allowance to achieve a matter of leveling.

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The government was just about to abolish the care allowance system and instead introduce the income related deductible. The final plan will be announced on Budget day.

The deductible now remains Euro 350 a year. It will go up just a bit to compensate for inflation. The coalition had agreed that higher incomes would pay a higher deductible than lower incomes, one of the conditions of the PvdA (Labourparty).

The government has also set aside 100 million for child care, according to the NOS report. D66 and GroenLinks hope to get the needed support to use this money for child care reforms, which they presented on Tuesday.

GroenLinks responds critically to the deletion of the measure. Little remains of the goal of fair sharing in the coalition agreement, says member of parliament Linda Voortman. Last year, the income-related health insurance premium was deleted and now the income-based deductible sees the same fate.

D66 is also against the plans of the government and in particular the abolition of the general tax.

The government chooses to continue to increase workers taxation, which makes working very unappealing Not a wise choice anyway, but especially not during an economic crisis with rising unemployment, states parliamentarian Wouter Koolmees.