Often fecal bacteria in meat

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A large number of slaughtered animals in the Netherlands have manure on them. This is a statement by meat inspectors in Zembla, a program that is broadcasted this Thursday.The meat is contaminated with bacteria such as E.coli. When the intestines are perforated, the content spills on the meat. The bacteria can cause stomach upset and can be dangerous for pregnant women, children and elderly.

Marecheth Ho'eElohuth
Wikimedia commons

Approximately 60 percent of the carcasses is contaminated with fecal bacteria, estimates one of the meat inspectors.

The contaminated parts of meat should be cut off liberally and destroyed, but in general practice this is not done. Usually the manure is rinsed off with water or even wiped off. This causes the bacteria to spread even more, say the inspectors.

The meat of sick animals also enters the food chain. Meat inspectors only have a few seconds to inspect a carcass. Because of this, they overlook many defects, abscesses and inflammation.