TNO report on pur falls short

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Minister Block needs to issue an independent research to investigate the actual human exposure to toxic substances released by pur-insulation. This is announced by the hotline TNO victims, in response to the recently published TNO report on pur.The report did not answer the question how it's possible that 500 people develop the same symptoms after pur insulation. The hotline says TNO has not looked at the physical symptoms and the circumstances in which the polyurethane is sprayed.

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NUON and the pur trade association of manufacturers NVPU commissioned the TNO study. It consisted mainly of taking air samples. It found that the concentration of the most dangerous substances is not too high.

However, a causal link between the PUR insulation and health concerns could not be excluded. Minister Blok therefore requires stringent security measures of the insulation companies.

A survey of the hotline among several dozen victims shows that nearly forty percent of the complainants started experiencing health issues within a week after the insulation work. More than half of respondents have problems with the respiratory tract, mucous membranes and skin. The symptoms usually diminish when they are away from home for a longer period of time.

In total, the Hotline PUR victims now has 183 reports of health problems that are associated with pur: 165 households and 15 employees from the insulation or polyurethane industry. In total there are about 500 people.