Agencies see little in Romanians and Bulgarians

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So far there seem to be few jobs for Romanians and Bulgarians when the Dutch borders open up to them on January 1st, reported the NOS on Friday after a tour of several major agencies in The Netherlands.The information gathered, shows there is little need to work with migrate workers from these countries. The image of Romanians and Bulgarians is poor.

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The surveyed agencies currently work with about eighteen thousand Central and Eastern Europeans. Most have worked with Poles, Slovaks, Czechs and Hungarians and appreciate them. These countries also supply ample staffing. Agencies also think the Romanian and Bulgarian cultures are not a good fit with the Dutch.

A few agencies are looking into hiring Romanians and Bulgarians. The managing directors of those agencies expect some 30,000 workers from Romania and Bulgaria to enter The Netherlands next year, half of them on speculation.

FNV Partners do not expect that many.