PVV Bill Withdrawn

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Secretary of Health Martin van Rijn calls it "nonsense" that residents of care facilities will soon no longer be entitled to clean diapers.  He wants to withdraw a bill where this is described, but that content will be included in another bill, said van Rijn on Thursday.

Early on Thursday, much excitement arose among some parliament parties when it was leaked that the government intends to withdraw the bill that gives people in care the right to a daily wash and a clean diaper. PVV leader Geert Wilders said that the government was "sick" and announced he would come up with his own bill. Henk Krol, leader of 50Plus, was stunned: "This is not the way to treat people."

According to Van Rijn there is no reason for concern. "What we intended in that bill will be  neatly incorporated in the new bill on long-term care."

The bill which Van Rijn wished to withdraw was made during Rutte! A former partner PVV was also involved in that bill. The Council of State, at that time, received strong criticism. According to the advisory body of the Government, the rights of residents of health institutions are actually already well-regulated by law.

Van Rijn can imagine that the PVV is disappointed that the bill which it has proposed has disappeared. "But it all comes down content."