Ramses Shaffy 80th Birthday Celebration

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The eightieth birthday of Ramses Shaffy will be celebrated with a big musical party at the De La Mar Theatre in Amsterdam. On December 1, the day the singer died four years ago,there will be a tribute to Shaffy in the theater. The proceeds will go to a fund for young artists that Shaffy founded before his death.

The organization of the the benefit event is in the hands of the De La Mar Theatre and producer The Family. The Family produced the new television series about the life of Ramses Shaffy​​.

Famous singers like The Lau, Michiel Borstlap, Spinvis, Frank Sinatra and Ge Reinders, will sing the repertoire of the late chansonnier. But also young talents, like Lucky Fonz III and the Jong Nederlands Blazers Ensemble will perform.

The tickets for this unique event can be ordered on Wednesday at the site of the De La Mar theater.

Legacy Ramses Shaffy

Ramses Shaffy was an actor and singer. Ramses Shaffy had big success in the sixties and seventies with his group Shaffy Chantant. He performed often with his great love Joop Admiraal and his best friend Liesbeth List. Shaffy had some big hits, like Sammy, We Zullen Doorgaan and the Pastorale.

Shaffy was an icon of the cultural society, especially in Amsterdam. His extravagant lifestyle was accepted, because he was Ramses Shaffy!

The series about Ramses Shaffy will cover the period of the sixties and seventies. The series will be broadcasted in 2014. Leading roles are played by Maarten Heijmans, Noor Herlaar and Thomas Cammaert.