Google glass privacy concerns

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Privacy watchdogs around the world are not satisfied with the privacy around Google Glass. They demand an explanation, but so far Google wraps itself in silence.Google has been working on computer glasses for years and they should be available to the public by next year. The first test versions are already in use. Three people in The Netherlands own one of these glasses that allow them to make phone calls, surf the internet, and take pictures.

Google Glass,

Google has not sufficiently clarified what happens to the data, collected by Google Glass, says Jacob Kohnstamm, chairman of the Personal Data Protection program. Kohnstam goes on to say that according to Google the glasses do not yet feature facial recognition. That means at some point they will be and one will no longer be able to go about their business unnoticed.

The chairman, along with other privacy watchdogs, have asked Google for an explanation. Google has answered those questions, but Kohnstamm still has many more. However, he is still waiting for answers to those. It is not the first time that Google has responded inadequately to requests. It feels like dealing with a repeat offender. Someone who often sets aside privacy issues, only to quickly introduce new technology and innovations.



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