KEI Week Broken Back Accident

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One of the participants of the KEI week in Groningen, an introductory week for new students in Groningen, broke her back during one of the activities.

Like most university cities, also Groningen organizes a week for all the newcomers, to get lots of information about the city, activities, studies and to get used to the students life.

In Groningen this week is called the KEI week. ‘Kei’ means bolder and also is used to emphasize that somebody is very smart. But the name has nothing to do with these meanings and comes from the name of the organization: Stichting Kommissie Eerstejaars Introductie (Foundation Commission First Year Students Introduction). About 5000 people participated this year in the introductory week.

During one of the workshops at the Ebbingekwartier students could also join ‘Action Free Fall’, where they could experience the feeling to fall ten meters, landing safely on an air cushion. The unfortunate girl landed on the air cushion but in a wrong position and broke her back. She was brought to a hospital.

KEI chairman Jan Remmelt Faber told the Dagblad van het Noorden that many concerned people have visited the hospital to see how the patient is doing.