Owner Volleyball Club Responsibe Death Visser

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There is sufficient evidence to assume that Evedasto Lifante, the former owner of Murcia volleyball club CAV, has played a role in the murder of volleyball star Ingrid Visser and her partner Louis Severein.

This was announced by the court in Molina de Segura on Wednesday. The two Dutch were probably killed on May 14, in a remote villa in the vicinity of the southern Spanish city.

Lifante, the former employer of professional volleyball star Ingrid Visser, was last Thursday summoned for questioning by the investigating judge Olga Reverte. Lifante was put provisionally at liberty, although the judge saw sufficient evidence to hold him responsible for the killings.

Marble quarry

The evidence against Lifante will include a police report. It states that he owed some 40,000 euro of salary to Visser. The right hand of Lifante, club manager and main suspect in the case, Juan Cuenca, had in the months prior to the murders worked with Severein to sell a marble quarry of Lifante.

The police found also photos of Lifante and documentation on the marble quarry in the house of Valentin Ion, one of the two Romanians who are detained for their alleged part in the crime as an assassin.

Telephone bugged

The police has also overheard a telephone conversation between Cuenca and a woman who is suspected of complicity. To this woman, Cuenca says during the call, that there is a  third person part of the game, someone who is responsible for the situation and is capable of anything. The researchers think that Cuenca refers to Lifante.

So far there are four suspects in custody. Cuenca the Romanians Ion and Constantin Stan and,  since July 12, also Serafín de Alba. The last one is the owner of the lemon orchard where the bodies of Visser and Severein were found buried on May 26.