Vodafone NL Launches 4G

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On August 5, Vodafone Netherlands launched its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague.

Vodafone Simply
WK Yeung/Wikimedia Commons

The mobile phone company has also enhanced its 3G network speeds with dual-carrier (DC) technology to guarantee better performance to its clients.

Vodafone Netherlands has announced that new subscribers of the RED plans in the Randstad may avail the 4G beginning on August 5.

The cellco’s new LTE-based services feature 800MHz and 1800MHz bands. The lower band offers better coverage scope and the higher band is intended for high-capacity and high speeds in populated areas.

According to the company, the latest network is capable of transmission speeds ten times the existing 3G network (with an upper limit of 50Mbps download speed and actual speeds from 10Mbps to 15Mbps).

Vodafone RED plans’ monthly rate start at €44 for ‘RED Essential’ with 400 voice call minutes, unlimited SMS texting and a 500MB data bundle. ‘RED Super’ plan costs €55 per month with unlimited calls and texts and 4GB of data downloads. All RED tax plans are presently discounted at 50%.


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