Benefit of Traumatic Life Experiences

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A new study shows that surviving traumatic events could be beneficial in prolonging one’s life.

According to Mail Online, men who survived the Holocaust live longer than the Jewish men of the same age.

Holocaust memorial of Berlin
Photo by Loulou3945/Wikimedia Commons

Researchers studied the survival of over 55,000 Polish Jews who transferred to Israel before and post World War II. Jews in Poland experienced torment throughout the war (Holocaust).

The research took a look at the connection between lifespan and what the victims went through during the Holocaust.

High levels of stress and traumatic events have normally been known to affect overall health and shorten years. However, the findings show that some age groups of men who endured the Holocaust in fact outlive those of the same age group who moved to Israel before the war.

The researchers propose two likely interpretations for the results of the study. Those who survived the war may have been less susceptible to physical or emotional injury than those who passed away. As a result, they live longer. Another possible explanation is that those who endure severe trauma have some sort of "post-traumatic growth" which helps them value life better, therefore lengthening their years.

Source: NHS UK