IRS Chases Ruud Gullit

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The IRS keeps on chasing soccer icon Ruud Gullit. Having found out previously that the former footballer didn’t pay his tax over 2010 they now also found out he didn’t pay the tax over 2011. The tax authorities imposed immediately a second seizure on his premises. This could be read at

According to the website, the IRS wants to put, by this action, pressure on Gullit. Because of the seizure of his houses, the IRS can now anytime sell them at an auction.

After the first seizure of his premises last week, Gullit told RTL Boulevard that he will do everything to solve this asap. According to him, the step was taken ‘in the context of the financial settlement of the divorce’ with his ex Estelle.

The seizure also applies to the villa where Estelle currently lives with their children. Although she herself put a seizure for 1 million euro on the premises of Ruud Gullit last year, the IRS is always the first beneficiary when it would come to a forced sale. The two other apartments which the IRS is focussing on now, are already for sale for a while.  How big the debt to the IRS of Gullit is, is unknown.