Asschers Helps Seniors To A Job

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The government wants to organize special evenings for older applicants and employers to bring them in contact with each other.  That said Lodewijk Asscher Minister of Social Affairs and Employment on Monday to the NOS.

According to the minister, older workers become vulnerable. Although the unemployment rate among older people is lower than among young people, it is harder for them to find a job after loosing a job.

"During those evenings, a number of employers with vacancies can meet with a group of older people with certain skills," explained the minister. According to Asscher older applicants have less than 1 percent chance of finding a job with an open application. These evenings would make that chance reach up to 30 percent.

The elderly organisation ANBO responds positively to the proposal. ANBO director Liane den Haan: "Investments are needed to keep seniors longer at the work floor. This initiative is a first step in the right direction. "

Asscher has released a total of 600 million euro to help Dutch citizens to get a job. In recent years more and more people lost their job. Unemployment has now risen to a record level, more than 650,000 people have no job.