Fruit Growers Use Banned Substances

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Many fruits growers do not follow the rules. This announces the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVW) after the annual audit at 100 of the 3200 growers.

About a third of the growers used banned substances to protect their crops against insects and diseases. Also is their administration often not in order.

A total 25 of companies were fined. 11 Companies were given those fines for the use of banned pesticides. Five growers must pay the fee because they spray their crops more frequently with agents than permitted. Another nine companies were fined because inspectors traced small amounts of banned substances on the crops.

Milieudefensie is angry with the growers and calls it "outrageous" that a third is using forbidden poisons and the number of offenses is not decreasing since 2008. “Apparently there is need for more social pressure, to ensure that growers adhere to the law and that the government will ensure that this happens,” said Klaas Breunissen of Milieudefensie.