Day Two Vierdaagse

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No longer is the second day the day that most people give up. Only 857 didn’t reach the finish on day two and that’s a meager 2%. Much less than the usual 4%.

The fact that most people give up on the second day is no longer valid. The first time this didn’t happen was two years ago. The warm weather of this year was expected to bring back the tough image of the second day but the new trend is set.


On Pink Wednesday it is always busy after the march in Nijmegen. The good weather draw this year more visitors to the after party than ever on a Wednesday. Already early in the evening all terraces were full. About 235,000 people enjoyed the good summer weather and this will overall, probably lead to a maximum number of visitors for this years’ Vierdaagse.

Mobile phones

Calling on the mobile phone is a nice way to keep in touch with family and friends. Almost all participants have nowadays a mobile phone with them. But despite that KPN, Vodafone and T-mobile have added extra antenna’s in the area around Nijmegen, it might happen that people can’t call or can’t be called. Waiting for a few minutes is sometimes necessary.

A spokesman of KPN says that it is nice to upload a picture for your fans, but data transfer get’s these days less priority than normal phone traffic. “It is amazing,” he says, “it is like we have during the Vierdaagse about seven days New Years Eve.”


On Wednesday afternoon the Vierdaagse organisation was slightly in panic when a dredger found a  Second World War explosive in the water at the Waalkade. After the Bomb Squad EOD had determined that it was a grenade that could be transported, the dredger brought it into safety across the river

The discovery of the projectile seemed at first instance a major problem, since on Wednesday the walking legion walked along the Waalkade. At the Waalkade there are also many locations of the Vierdaagsefeesten. But both runners and revelers could just continue, police said. Only the bicycle bridge over the Waal was closed  for a short time.