Kidnapped Journalist Pleads for Help

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Dutch journalist Judith Spiegel and her partner, Boudewijn Berendsen are asking the government and the entire country to help free them from their kidnap ordeal.

Judith Spiegel and her partner Boudewijn Berendsen appeals to the public in a video posted online

In a video originally posted online on July 13, the couple appeared terrified, requesting Dutch officials to help their release. Spiegel, a correspondent for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and her partner Berendsen were taken captive in the capital of Yemen last month.

According to the video clip released, Spiegel explained that the Dutch authorities have gotten in touch about the ransom demand; however, there is still no progress.

“Early on we spoke to the ambassador and we have explained what the conditions are to get us out. Nothing has happened so far. There has been no movement,” Spiegel said.

Spiegel’s partner Berendsen said the captors have given them a ten-day ultimatum for more negotiations; otherwise, they will be shot in ten days.

"We are very, very, very frightened. A solution has to be found."

The video ends with a desperate public appeal from the worried journalist. “Family, media, fellow Dutchmen, do something. We will be here forever if we are not dead in ten days. So, everyone do something, do something,” Spiegel pleaded.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans posted a message on his Facebook page in response to the ongoing public concern. He said they have their full attention on these abduction cases. Nevertheless, he explained that discussing the state of affairs to the public will not offer solutions.

Watch the full video: Kidnapped Judith Spiegel and Boudewijn Berendsen Appeal to the Public

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide