Fight Against Measles

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The government has to protect children from their parents when parents don’t want to let their children to be vaccinated to prevent diseases, like measles. That said VVD senator Heleen Dupuis on Saturday night in the TV program Nieuwsuur.

Last week Friday,  she and former Minister of Health Els Borst, called pastors to advise the people in their community to let all the children be vaccinated. Dupuis thinks that it is about time to open the discussion for a compulsory preventive jab for children for everybody. The government has to study on this even though she realizes that such an obligation can be tricky.

On the other hand, compulsory education has also successfully been implemented. “That is also a violation of parental authority.”

Prime Minister Rutte was Friday very quick to support this plea for the vaccination. Rutte who is Reformed by himself says, “If everything is the will of God, then so is the invention of the vaccination.”

More and more voices within the Reformed part of the society are speaking in favor of the vaccination against for instance measles. So did organizers of holidays for the Reformed Youth League, send a letter to the parents of the participants. “Young people who have not been vaccinated, who have not had measles, but who have been in contact with a case of measles, we strongly advise to cancel the  trip,” said the letter to the parents of the 2000 participants. If canceled, the money will be refunded.