ABB to Supply Efficient Chargers

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On Monday, Dutch infrastructure group Fastned appointed Swiss engineer ABB to supply the country with fast electric car chargers, producing a nationwide network of stations for charging electric vehicles.

Electric car charger in Amsterdam
Ludovic Hirlimann/Wikimedia Commons

The project aims to improve technology. This is supported by environmentalists but rejected by most drivers because of apprehensions on the electric vehicle’s power exhaustion, away from an available charger.

ABB announced it will provide over 200 electric vehicle stations with chargers, meeting the demands of the country’s 16.7 million people and supply them a 50 km-distant charger.

"This sets an extremely positive signal for consumers and car makers alike to move forward with electric mobility," Hans Streng, head of ABB's EV charging infrastructure business, told Reuters.

In September, ABB will begin distributing  the chargers, which are capable of recharging batteries in 15 to 30 minutes.

Construction of the Fastned stations is expected to complete in 2015.

Source: Reuters