Minor Earthquake in the Netherlands

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July 3- A magnitude 3.5 earthquake was felt in some parts of the Netherlands. The earthquake happened at 01:03:54 local time, 15 km in depth.

Locals in Appingedam and Woltersum shared their experience on the earthquake Via EMSC:

Appingedam, Groningen, NL
Jan Geerling/flickr

Appingedam (7 km E from epicenter): the roof was shaking 3 times, sounded like in a storm but louder, the wooden construktion made a cracking sound. I was laying in bed . And felt 2 or 3 shakes.

Woltersum  (6 km S from epicenter): Heard and felt. Woke us up. Shorter than the one of last august, felt heavier.

With the Eurasian plate boundary near, earthquakes can occur in the Netherlands; however, an exceptional big quake is unlikely to happen.

In February, the province of Groningen, which sits on the Slochteren natural gas deposit, was hit by two earthquakes.