Winners at the RoboCup 2013

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Last week, the contest gathered more than 2,500 robotic participants from over 40 countries in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Germany, Japan, America finished at the top of robotic soccer competition.

Germany, Japan and America all won the three humanoid categories of this year’s RoboCup. The German NimbRo team earned the title in the Teen league with a 4-0 win against Japan.

Soccer Middle Size with Eindhoven Tech United Turtles, at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven (NL)

Meanwhile, Japan defeated the Taiwanese squad in the Adult final with a 4-3 penalty showdown. The US Team, represented by the University of Pennsylvania, won the Kids league.

RoboCup aims to create robotic players that can compete with real World Cup winners by 2050. Its concept aims to apply human passion for sports in the advancement of robots and technology.

"The element of competition makes [sure] that the entire team is highly motivated so they will spend a large part of their spare time planning, designing and improving the robots. Everyone dreams of being the world champion some day!" stated in the RoboCup’s site.