Defaulters Back To Insurer

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It is easier for defaulters to return to their health care insurance. Now a defaulter can only go back to the insurer if the debt is paid off or if a recognized authority is involved in the repayment of the debt. Under the new rules the return is a possible if the defaulter itself make arrangements with the insurer.

This is contained in a bill of Minister Edith Schippers (Health) that was sent on Monday to the House. Schippers wants the law to ensure that defaulters quickly return to their insurer and also pay the premium there.


Netherlands currently has 315,000 defaulters. These are people who have not paid premiums for six months or more and who are notified as defaulter by their insurer.  The defaulter has to pay monthly 160 euro to the Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ), which in turn pays a fee to the insurer because it remains securing the defaulter.

The bill also states that the compensation of the CVZ is going to be dependent on the preventive deployment of the insurer. If an insurer does not doing enough to prevent the occurrence of default, it could lead to less compensation.

Best approach

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health, health insurers, municipalities and debt counselors are discussing about the best approach to prevent defaults. At this moment there are also tests going on to find out which is the best approach.