Policeman who shot colleague not prosecuted

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A policeman who shot a colleague, in February, on the A50 at the junction Hattemerbroek, is therefore not prosecuted. The policeman saw a silhouette of a man with a gun drawn and thought this was the armed suspect. Since there were other agents in the firing line of the silhouette, the cop thought that they were in immediate danger. So he aimed and shot, announced the Public Prosecutor (OM). The National Police investigated the shooting incident. The shot policeman was seriously injured. On the night of February 15 and 16,  two police cars patrolled on the A50 between Apeldoorn and Zwolle. The officers asked information about a car and upon receiving the info, they decided to check this car. The location was a parking lot along the highway. The driver did not fully coöperate and took off. The officers suspected that the driver had a gun. That turned out to be not the case afterwards. The officers started to chase the car and were helped by colleagues. The car was forced to stop and six policemen got out. When one of the officers saw the silhouette of a colleague, he thought that it was the suspect. "The study of the National Police showed that the approach of the policeman, given the situation and conditions, is not incomprehensible", explained the Public Prosecutor (OM), as the reason why he does not proceed to prosecution.