10,000 Appeals Crisis Levy

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About 10,000 appeals have been filed, with the IRS, against the crisis levy of 2012 . That said Ton Tuinier of accountants and tax advise company Mazars, on Monday at Nieuwsuur. The Ministry of Finance says that the number is correct.

The crisis levy is one of the measures of the Five Party Agreement of April 2012 and was supposed to yield 500 million euro. To approximately 18,000 companies and organizations, the crisis levy was imposed.

The one-time charge applies to both companies and semi-public institutions such as hospitals and social housing. For every employee who earned, in 2012, more than 150,000 euro, the employer had to pay an additional levy of 16 percent on the wages in April of this year.

The companies are especially against the retroactive application of the measure back to January 1, 2012. Among others, ANWB, Daf Trucks, Post.nl, Akzo Nobel and Heineken have appealed.

The proposal of the crisis levy at that time came from the pen of the GroenLinks Group in the House. Current leader Bram Ojink is amazed about the high number of appeals. "They say this charge is contrary to the human rights of these earners. I think that is too much."