Plofkip Free Baby Food

Wakker Dier announced on Sunday that from August on, no plofkip will be used anymore in baby food of the drugstore chain Kruidvat.

Kruidvat writes in a letter to Wakker Dier that ‘the use of plofkip is not in accordance with the aim, to choose as much as possible for responsible ingredients’. A plofkip is a chicken which is brought in a short time to a desired weight, with all kind of negative effects for the chicken itself.

Competitor Nutricia announced, already last year April, to replace plofkip, worldwide, for their baby food brand Olvarit. Nutricia uses now chicken that has been produced more animal friendly.

Wakker Dier says that only in the Netherlands about 450 million chicken, which can be called plofkip, are slaughtered every year. The fast grow rate is achieved by genetic manipulation. The animals normally would suffer from all kinds of diseases because of such a quick growth but to prevent these diseases the chicken have to consume a lot of antibiotics.