European Rights Gays

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Minister Jet Bussemaker  (Emancipation) calls her European colleagues to make a statement about a European approach to the rights of gays, on Friday at the International Day Against Homopfobia.

“Gay rights are a part of human rights. It is part of our diverse society,” said the minister in an interview with A lot of work has to be done on this topic, according to Bussemaker. “There is more or less a recoil and that means that the emancipation of gays needs some maintenance,” said Bussemaker, “Earlier this month, Barack Obama praised the courage of basketball player Jason Collins to come out of the closet. Such a support is a welcome and valuable support for the gay community.”

On Thursday a two day long, international conference about gay emancipation, will start in The Hague. Besides of the responsible European ministers, Queen Maxima en Euro Commissioner Viviane Reding (Civil Rights) will also be present.