Dinner At KunstRAI

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Visitors of KunstRAI, in Amsterdam, can have a dinner with a piece of art. On a covered table they will consume a dish which is inspired by a certain piece of art. 

The KunstRAI will open its doors on Wednesday evening in the RAI building in Amsterdam. This 29th edition will be held until Monday, May 20. About 75 well-known and emerging galleries will show their art and design products. The cheaper articles will be the price range of 2000 till 5000 euro but there will be also plenty of choice of art in the price range of 10,000 euro.

On average a visitor of a museum spends about 9 seconds on a statue or a painting. “Our mission is to let people enjoy art, but we have to learn them to take more time for it,” says organizer of KunstRAI, Erik Hermida. This special dinner is more a less a date for one person with a piece of art, with the goal that the dinner guest will get to know the piece of art better. Roberto’s Restaurant of the Amsterdam Hilton does the catering. The organization has selected five art pieces for the dinner dates.

The world of art also encounters the effects of the economical crisis, admits the organization of KunstRAI. Some traders know how to deal with this by being very creative, and they have to, because in times of crisis it is very difficult to sell art.

The KunstRAI is expected to attract this year about 15,000 to 20,000 visitors.