New search for Julian and Ruben

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A new search in Geulle (Limburg) by the police, for the missing brothers Ruben (9) and Julian (7), didn’t deliver any results on Sunday. “The brothers have not been found,” the police reported on Sunday evening. Monday the search will continue.

The police started the search because of ‘new information’. Which exact information that was, the police couldn’t say at this time.

Shoes and Tow line

It is clear that the police is searching for the shoes of the father of the missing boys. Last Tuesday, when the dead body of the man was found in recreational area Het Doornse Gat, he didn’t wear shoes. The shoes were also not found near the spot where he was found or at his home.

The police is also in search of a piece of a tow line. A part of the tow line was found near the body of the father. Where the rest of the tow line is remains a mystery.

Search in Geulle

The search, which besides the police involved military personnel, marines, a police helicopter and tracking dogs, started Sunday morning around 6.30 am in the recreational area near the Kleivelderweg. Sunday the search was without any result.

In that area there is also a fish pond. On Monday the police will investigate the fish pond.

Several roads who enter the area are closed. Hikers have been sent away and also people who live nearby are not allowed to enter the search area.

Geulle is situated nearby Beek. On Monday evening the father was seen in Beek by a security camera of a gasoline station. Also his mobile phone was detected in that area.

On Tuesday morning the father was found dead after he committed suicide in the forest near Doorn (Gelderland).


Saturday morning, an army of 250 volunteers  started a search near Rhenen and Doorn. The police was at the search sites in case something would have been found.

In Beek in Limburg, another 40 volunteers searched in the forest but they also didn’t find anything interesting for the police.